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Buy Bedroom Bondage Toys, Gear and BDSM Gear

Buy Bedroom Bondage Toys, Gear and BDSM Gear

Trying to include a dash of adventure to your sex-life? Bondage & BDSM toys and gear is a thrilling and passionate option to go on it up a notch within the bed room and introduce a unique element to your experiences along with your partner. Femplay posseses a extensive variety of bondage gear to enhance your collection, from beginner’s kits to your highly advanced. With sets from sleep restraints, whips and ropes to nipple clamps, masks, gags and intercourse furniture, we now have what you may fancy only at Australia’s no. 1 Adult Shop.

The bondage equipment that is best delivered to your bed room discreetly

All purchases are discreetly covered with ordinary, opaque packaging and delivered by the next working day. Shop with us and you’ll additionally get:

– the decision of Standard or Express distribution to your target in Australia

– Free delivery on purchases over $175

– Free batteries with every purchase

– Discreet bank card payment, with Paypal, direct deposit and cash order additionally available

– 100% personal and anonymous packaging, fully guaranteed

See our delivery page and often expected concerns to find out more about buying online from Femplay.

Seize control of one’s partner’s experience, or call it quits control and provide directly into your sensory faculties with your huge range of bondage gear. We’ve got the solution to your every desire!

Grow your BDSM and bondage rope and discipline collection

We have a massive range of bondage equipment to satisfy your every whim whether you’ve been a long time player or you’re just making your first foray into bedroom bondage. Browse our complete selection today!

Ropes and Restraints: Being tangled up and restrained is an exciting, arousing option to experience intercourse. Publish or dominate, and push your self to limitations you’ve never ever gone to before. We now have a number of good quality ropes, restraints and ribbons made from soft, sensual materials like silk, satin and silicon. Some are made with comfortable cushioning to go out of no trace in your epidermis, plus some are designed for people who want it a bit rougher for a punishment that you’ll become more than prepared to accept.

Handcuffs: essential parts of each collection, handcuffs will be the perfect introduction to bondage gear and one that you’ll keep finding its way back to repeatedly, even while your collection grows. Easy to use and super sexy, our variety of handcuffs will bring you along with your partner when you look at the mood until one of you is begging to quit. Select from smooth satin and lace, fluffy and furry, or heavy weight metal cuffs – we have suction cuffs made for getting crazy and damp within the bath or shower!

Collars and Leashes: plunge to your deepest BDSM fetishes and desires if you take complete control over your lover or providing them control of you. Enjoy difficult with this collection of luxurious collars, leashes and leads, and take over your spouse because they obey your every demand. Obtainable in strong, supple fabric, soft designer materials and high quality metal chains, you are able to enjoy extremely heightened sensations and much much deeper closeness together with your partner as you explore room power play.

Nipple Clamps: Your nipples are perhaps one of the most delicate and responsive areas of the body, high in neurological endings that respond immediately to stimulation for increased pleasure and much more intense sexual climaxes. Take to nipple suckers with bands to help keep your nipples difficult and erect, effective vibrating nipple clamps that double as clitoral stimulators for twice the enjoyment, or stainless variants that one can chill within the fridge or temperature in boiling water for a supplementary intense experience.

Bondage Masks: Cloak your playtime in secret through the use of masks and blindfolds to increase your sensations and link more profoundly along with your partner. Comfortable, lightweight and made from luxurious materials like fabric, satin and fur, it is possible to fulfil your dreams with your range of masks and blindfolds. Select a bondage mask to generate privacy and explore role-playing, a hood that is full-face maintain your submissive concealed and in check, or a blindfold to block your eyesight and enhance every touch on your own epidermis.

Whips and Paddles: Explore the union of pain and pleasure having a whip or paddle to increase your sensory faculties and place you on the side. Whether you’re playing master and servant or perhaps like to visit your partner shiver in surprise and satisfaction, at Femplay we’ve human body ticklers, whips, floggers and paddles in every sizes and shapes you like best so you can find out what. Tease and tickle their epidermis until they’re shaking, demand a light spanking to their attention, or let them have a flogging to see them gasp to get more.

Bondage Gags: Gagging your lover by having a ball gag, lips connect gag, bit gag or lips discipline will provide you with total control while they distribute to your needs. Muffle their moans of enjoyment or keep their lips pried aside with this specific must-have bondage gear, ideal for both novices and bondage benefits. Obtainable in a number of sizes, we stock various types of gags and restraints, including lips straps with vibrator ball gags for those of you that prefer to play a small rougher!

Electro Intercourse: switch on your sex-life with this electro intercourse range of bondage gear, built to extremely excite your human body and surprise you towards orgasm while you fool around with various pulsation habits and intensity levels. Delivering decadent feelings during your human body from the mild erotic tingling to a robust throbbing, try a shock therapy kit to excite your nipples and clitoris, a pleasure probe for vaginal and anal play, or discreetly pleasure your self all day every day with a butterfly stimulator that is inconspicuous.

Intercourse Furniture: Enjoy longer, harder and much more intense sex with straps, swings, position tools, harnesses and furniture to use the stress off more difficult roles. Make sure that your partner remains appropriate where you need them while you take comfort in the complete help and tighter, much deeper penetration. Get better leverage and convenience, boost your sexual climaxes and have pleasure in your wildest dreams as brand brand new jobs become a chance.

Cleansing your Bondage Gear: What You Should Understand

Taking good care of your bondage collection is crucial to keepin constantly your gear neat and safe to use again and again. Proper cleansing will additionally suggest you’ll be in a position to have more use out of your toys, and luxuriate in them for considerably longer. At Femplay we now have a supply that is huge of doll cleansing items and batteries, to help keep your equipment charged, maintained and able to get if you are!

Clean your toys well after each and every usage, according to exactly exactly what material these are generally made from. Us and we’ll be happy to help https://www.camsloveaholics.com/female/ebony you out if you’re not sure which category your bondage equipment falls under, just contact.

Latex plastic: Wash in tepid to warm water with some falls of anti-bacterial detergent, rinse, and spend time to atmosphere dry. Keep latex far from oil based lubricants, hand ointments, polishes and fabric as it may harm the materials.

Leather: make use of a professional leather cleaner and apply it to your leather-based items with a wet sponge. Dry it by having a towel or soft muscle, and use a tiny bit of leather-based oil to help keep it supple.

Line: Wipe down by having a moist fabric to eliminate any perspiration, dirt and oil. Keep it to dry up completely, then store it in a clean, dry destination to avoid mould from developing.

Electro: Clean by having a cloth that is soft in water and a suitable masturbator cleaner. Pat dry having a soft, lint-free fabric while making yes it really is entirely dry before saving.

Solid plastic and plastic: Wash in tepid to warm water, then apply a proper masturbator cleaner into the whole area and sc sc rub it in by having a damp fabric. Rinse clean with heated water and pat dry with a towel that is clean.